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Tom Carlier - Welcome to a new season and a new season

Welcome to a new season and a new challenge! Many of you know that I was disappointed with our league position last season and I felt that with a little more effort we could have finished in the top half of the table, despite this there were signs of things to come. This season will see us aiming for a top four position in a league which is full of old adversaries and very good clubs. The question of paying players is always a discussion point and last year's promotions show how teams can improve at the drop of a check book but I believe this does little to improve the standard of the club. This year we will endeavour to train hard and hopefully bring a very professional approach with our commitment to our players. We have great plans for the development of our squad and we have the coaching staff and support staff to deliver these plans. We also have a huge amount of young talent that we need to utilise and develop. We will endeavour to educate our up and coming players and will be making robust plans to address any shortfalls we identify within the squad. Training has already started on Tuesdays and Thursdays with BIG Gs bulk and blow sessions (this isn't a reference to a fat joint!) Wednesday is touch and Saturday morning's strong man circuit training. Training starts proper on Tuesday the 7th July. The lads who are attending these sessions are putting in a lot of hard work so don't turn up on the 7th unfit because it will show! There will be a players meeting on the June the 30th 19:00 hrs at the club where our expectations and plans will be outlined and any concerns addressed. My overall ambition for the squad is to gain promotion to London 1 over the next two seasons and to achieve this I believe we need to encourage our players to stay at the club where they can help to raise the standard of play at Thanet and play with their mates rather than chase the dream of playing elsewhere. To do this we need the commitment of all the players to train hard and the

26 June 2015