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How to Help - Schools and Community

The Schools and Community programme is a completely funded programme. Our fundraising efforts along with the generous support from our friends and fellow sponsors allows the programme to continue, but with your help, through this page, we can assist the programme to grow. Below are a few ideas if you feel that you are in a position to help:

Volunteers: We will always be able to utilise support from DBS cleared coaches, referees, organisers for all events and sessions, all helpers are welcome and will be needed throughout the year. Please contact us.

Role Models: Part of our programme committent to our Schools and Community is to provide opportunity, this has become very well received and has really helped. Following our first year's 'calls for support' we have 'linked up' with local role models and employers, we have attended local schools and have delivered presentations and career days. If any local business or local role models want to be involved with our programme, we need to chat with them. Please contact us.

Pledges: Donations are vital to continuing and growing our programme, (branded sponsorship can be offered but donations are exempt of VAT repayment), here are some examples:

  • £100.00 will buy a set of 20 training bibs (need 3 of these)
  • £150.00 will buy a set of 15 training balls (need 2 of these, our club do provide some balls each year but we can always use more!)
  • £250.00 will buy 10 pairs of rugby boots (some kids won't even come because they don't have boots!)
  • £300.00 will buy 100 gum shields, each with £10,000 of dental warranty and a letter home to the child's parents/guardian or carer congratulating the child on their participation. Need 2 or 3 of these.
  • £500.00 will buy 75 training t-shirts to reward the kids for attending 3 after school training sessions. Need 2 or 3 of these (can be sponsored upon request)
  • £500.00 will buy 25 hoodies to reward the kids for demonstrating core values associated with our sport. Need 2 or 3 of these (can be sponsored upon request)

Vehicle Sponsorship: It would be fantastic for our programme, to be in a position to provide our coaches with a 'sign written' vehicle each, thus promoting our programme and your company.