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Dan Hill -Take a Bow

Dan Hill -Take a BowDan Hill -Take a Bow

This is an e-mail received by Annemarie Carfoot who is Chairperson of the club's Junior Section. The contents are self-explanatory but it is very pleasant to reveal that the young man in question is 17 years old Dan Hill who made his first team debut for the Wanderers earlier this autumn. He has received first aid training as part of his lifeguard training and clearly put it to good use here. Congratulations Dan; you are a credit to the club. Dear Annemarie I am writing to you as chairperson of the junior section at Thanet rugby club. My name is Colette and my son plays for Whitstable rugby club in the U14 age group. He was at Thanet today when he fell awkwardly and hurt his wrist. I am writing because I wanted to thank a young man who helped us, gave us ice and checked that my son, Ned, was holding his wrist in the right position; he was very calm and calmed Ned down (and me!). I didn't get his name so can't thank him personally but wanted to let you know how kind and capable he was and how grateful we were for his assistance. He is a great ambassador for your club and also for rugby. Many thanks, fortunately Ned's wrist wasn't broken just badly bruised. Kind regards Colette

01 December 2014