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Great News from Cary Wright

Great News from Cary WrightGreat News from Cary Wright

Completely Overwhelmed!!!...

...and that's before any of these rugby shirts, tackle suits, gum shields, boots, balls, tackle pads, water bottles, pumps, vests, bibs, cones and so on, are used by the children of our local senior schools.

For those who don't know, next week Thanet Wanderers are starting to deliver both curriculum and non-curriculum rugby training at our local schools. We are committed, and funded, to deliver this programme for a minimum of three years. This is completely funded by the generosity of our club's main sponsors, fundraising and support from the Paul Keohane Sports Fund and the RFUs All Schools Programme (funded via CBRE). This year we have also received a fantastic donation from the Trustees of the Broadstairs Youth and Leisure Centre. Thank you all.

It has been made possible by the 'forward thinking' and support from our club's committee and members and will be a success due to it's participants and our community.

Thank you, so much, to everyone that's helped so far.

Watch this space..

08 November 2018