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The Tourists are in Town

The Tourists are in TownThe Tourists are in Town

Next Saturday we have Abbey RFC, from Reading, and Dagenham, coming down on tour to play a Thanet W Club side.
The ages range from 16 to 64 so I am told!
These will be the last games of the Season and will be fun and boozy!!
The order of play is;-
Abbey        v    Dagenham  at 1.00pm
Abbey         v    Thanet W    at 2,00 pm
Dagenham  v   Thanet W      at 3.00pm
They are looking to play 20 minute halfs.
Ian Lodge and Patrick - Annemarie's son -  have kindly offered to Ref.
Both the Tourists have said that they will be arriving at 11.00 am to hold 'Court Sessions' for previous misdemeanors!!

01 May 2018