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Trip to the Premiership Final 2018

Trip to the Premiership Final 2018Trip to the Premiership Final 2018

Despite me saying I wouldn't do it again, I have been asked by a few people if the Premiership Final trip will be on again this season. Bearing in mind it has produced over £4000 in kit for the Junior Section of club over past 2 years, I will run it again, subject to there being sufficient interest. This is an initial enquiry to see who would interested in going again next year. The details and prices are yet to be confirmed by Twickenham but if you base it on a small increase on last year's prices of approx. £50 per adult and £15 per child plus £15 per person for the coach we won't be too far wrong. As soon as I know the prices I will confirm. In the meantime please confirm your interest to me. Contact details are below Jason Deacon Thanet Wanderers RUFC Under 13 Head Coach 07733 111799 01843 226058

05 October 2017