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450 Club February 2017 Results

450 Club February 2017 Results450 Club February 2017 Results

£450 No:138 Chris Marson Western Esplanade Broadstairs £200 No:397 Phil Palmer Seaview Road Broadstairs £100 No:152 Terry Bond Bridleway Gardens Broadstairs £ 45 No:305 Ray Potts Newington Road Ramsgate £ 45 No:257 Dave Beynon Salts Drive Broadstairs £ 45 No:188 Dorrie Taylor Northdown Way Margate £ 45 No:334 Jeremy Ward Stone Road Broadstairs £ 45 No:243 Brian Marson Western Esplanade Broadstairs £ 45 No:263 Lorraine Marson Westerham Close Margate £ 45 No:114 Marilyn Bishop Hopes Lane Ramsgate The £5,000 prize was won by No: 071 Charlotte Winson, Cliff Promenade, Broadstairs Thanks are due to Charlotte for her very generous donation to club funds, after winning this year’s big prize. Well done Charlotte. As of next month, after 40 years, I am stepping down and Simon Kemp will take over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the years and wish you all the best of luck in the draws ahead and trust you will give Simon the same support.

01 March 2017