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Schools and Community Update - Primary Schools

The Final week of this term has been another great one for our Primary School coaching. We have delivered 10 hours of curriculum time coaching to 150 children in 3 schools. Our sessions this week were a mix between Handball and, when the weather got the better of us, we went inside and had a go at Try Golf. In our Handball lessons we put together everything we have learned over the previous weeks and played games, with the pupils taking it in turns to referee. Our golf lessons worked on learning skills in a fun competitive way.

Our after-school rugby clubs continued to be well attended and this week, for the most part, managed to avoid the storms.  Our rugby clubs across 3 different schools saw 30 pupils taking part continuing to develop catching and passing skills as well evasive running.

Term 3 wrap up…

This term we delivered a total of 60 hours of curriculum time coaching in 3 schools delivering to 750 children over the 6 weeks of the term, we also did 18 hours of after school rugby clubs in 3 schools to over 30 pupils a week.

19 February 2020