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Schools and Community Update - Primary Schools - 12 February 2020

Another successful week in primary school comes to an end. This week our partnership allowed us to deliver 10 hours of curriculum lessons, providing 300 pupil-hours of coaching. This week we continued working on handball by putting together everything from the past 4 weeks into playing matches. We gave out certificates for excellent engagement to 6 pupils. 

After school rugby clubs also continued with over 30 children across the clubs, this week we moved on to practicing our defence learning how to defend one on one and how to work together in defence.

Last week also saw the launch of our Saturday morning turn up and play sessions for 3 to 11-year olds. A successful first week we worked on running with the ball in hand. Developing balance and coordination. 

Our turn up and play sessions aim to develop agility balance and coordination through while having fun playing rugby a great way for children to get involved in rugby for more info visit

12 February 2020