Next Fixtures

Saturday 15th December 2018
2.00pm 1st XVMaidstoneLONDON 2 South EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVMaidstonePremier 2 EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVAshfordFive Grain 4 EastAwayInfo
Sunday 16th December 2018
11.00am U16sBlackheathKent CupAwayInfo
11.00am U16sSevenoaksKent Dev CupAwayInfo
11.00am U15sAylesford Bullskent cupHomeInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyMedwayKent Festival for U11 & U13sAwayInfo
10.00am U14sTBCKent Cup TBC / Training0Info
9.00am U13sTBAKent Waterfall Festival 1.AwayInfo
9.30am U12sTournamentAwayInfo
10.00am U11sAshfordHomeInfo
10.00am U8sAshfordHomeInfo
10.00am U7sAshfordHomeInfo
Sunday 23rd December 2018
12.00am U15sTBC0Info
12.00am U8sTBCChristmas HolidaysHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTBCChristmas Holidays no trainingHomeInfo
Sunday 30th December 2018
12.00am U8sTBCChristmas HolidaysHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTBCChristmas Holidays no trainingHomeInfo
Saturday 5th January 2019
2.00pm 1st XVBeckenhamLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVCanterburyPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVAshford BarbariansFive Grain 4 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 6th January 2019
11.00am U16sAylesford BullsFriendly (A XV)AwayInfo
11.00am U15sCanterburyAwayInfo
9.30am Girls RugbyTrainingTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U14sCanterburyFriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U13sCanterburyAwayInfo
10.00am U12sCanterburyHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U8sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Saturday 12th January 2019
2.00pm 1st XVHorshamLONDON 2 South EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVEast PeckhamPremier 2 EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVCanterburyFive Grain 4 EastAwayInfo
Sunday 13th January 2019
11.00am U16sGillingham AnchFriendly (A/B XV)AwayInfo
11.00am U16sCanterburyKent Dev CupAwayInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyDoverFriendlyAwayInfo
11.00am U15sTBAKent Cup0Info
10.00am U14sTBCKent Cup TBC / Training0Info
10.00am U13sDoverAwayInfo
10.00am U12sDoverHomeInfo
10.00am U11sSittingbourneHomeInfo
10.00am U7sSittingbourneHomeInfo
Sunday 20th January 2019
11.00am U16sBlackheathFriendly (A XV)AwayInfo
11.00am U15sWhitstableHomeInfo
12.00am Girls RugbyTBAFriendly - U13 and U15HomeInfo
12.30pm - PostponedGirls RugbyTBCKent Girls U18 League FINALAwayInfo
2.00pm 4th/Veterans XVGillingham AnchSpitfire Gold Veterans CompetitionHomeInfo
10.00am U14sMaidstoneFriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U13sMaidstoneHomeInfo
9.45am U12sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Saturday 26th January 2019
2.00pm 1st XVGravesendLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVGravesendPremier 2 EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVMaidstoneFive Grain 4 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 27th January 2019
11.00am U16sSevenoaksFriendly (A XV)HomeInfo
11.00am U16sSevenoaksFriendly (B XV)HomeInfo
10.00am U14sSittingbourneFriendlyAwayInfo
10.00am U13sWhitstableAwayInfo
10.00am U12sWhitstableAwayInfo
10.00am U11sWhitstableHomeInfo
10.00am U7sWhitstableHomeInfo
Sunday 3rd February 2019
11.00am U16sCanterburyFriendly (A XV)AwayInfo
11.00am U16sCanterburyFriendly (B XV)AwayInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyTunbridge WellsKent Girls U18 LeagueHomeInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyTunbridge WellsU13 FriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U14sDeal & BettesFriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U13sGillingham AnchHomeInfo
10.00am U12sDeal & BettesAwayInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Saturday 9th February 2019
2.00pm 1st XVCharlton ParkLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVMedwayPremier 2 EastHomeInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVHastings / BexhillFive Grain 4 EastAwayInfo
Sunday 10th February 2019
11.00am U16sTBAKent Cup QFHomeInfo
11.00am U15sTBAKent Cup QF0Info
10.00am U14sTBCKent Cup TBC / Training 1/4 finals0Info
9.00am U13sTBAKent Waterfall Festival 2.AwayInfo
9.30am U12sTournamentAwayInfo
10.00am U11sDoverAwayInfo
10.00am U7sDoverAwayInfo
Saturday 16th February 2019
2.00pm 1st XVHealthfield & WLONDON 2 South EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 2nd XVSevenoaksPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
2.00pm 3rd XVSittingbourneFive Grain 4 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 17th February 2019
11.00am U16sBeccehamianFriendly (A XV)AwayInfo
11.00am U16sDoverFriendly (B XV)HomeInfo
10.00am U14sDoverFriendlyAwayInfo
10.00am U13sAshHomeInfo
10.00am U12sMaidstoneAwayInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Sunday 24th February 2019
11.00am U16sSittingbourneFriendly (B XV)HomeInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyMedwayChannel BaBas U13 & U15sAwayInfo
10.00am U14sGillingham AnchFriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U13sSittingbourneAwayInfo
10.00am U12sSittingbourneAwayInfo
10.00am U11sDeal & BettesAwayInfo
10.00am U7sDeal & BettesAwayInfo
Saturday 2nd March 2019
2.30pm 1st XVDeal & BettesLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
2.30pm 2nd XVDeal & BettesPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
2.30pm 3rd XVDeal & BettesFive Grain 4 EastAwayInfo
Sunday 3rd March 2019
11.00am U16sTBAKent Cup SFHomeInfo
10.00am U14sTBCKent Cup semi Finals / TrainingAwayInfo
9.45am U12sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U11sCanterburyHomeInfo
10.00am U7sCanterburyHomeInfo
Saturday 9th March 2019
2.30pm 1st XVAylesford BullsLONDON 2 South EastAwayInfo
2.30pm 2nd XVAylesford BullsPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
Sunday 10th March 2019
11.00am U16sFolkestoneFriendly (B XV)AwayInfo
10.00am U14sFolkestoneFriendlyHomeInfo
10.00am U13sFolkestoneHomeInfo
12.00am U12sFolkestoneHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Sunday 17th March 2019
11.00am U16sAshfordFriendly (A XV)HomeInfo
12.30pm Girls RugbyMedwayChannel BaBas U13 & U15sHomeInfo
10.00am U13sAshfordAwayInfo
10.00am U12sTonbridge / JuddsAwayInfo
10.00am U11sCanterburyEast Kent FestivalAwayInfo
10.00am U7sCanterburyEast Kent FestivalAwayInfo
Saturday 23rd March 2019
2.30pm 1st XVDoverLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
2.30pm 2nd XVDoverPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
2.30pm 3rd XVDoverFive Grain 4 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 24th March 2019
9.45am U12sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTBCKent FestivalAwayInfo
10.00am U7sTBCKent FestivalAwayInfo
Saturday 30th March 2019
2.30pm 1st XVHaywards HeathLONDON 2 South EastAwayInfo
2.30pm 2nd XVSnowdownPremier 2 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 31st March 2019
10.00am U13sAylesford BullsHomeInfo
10.00am U12sAylesford BullsHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingMothers DayHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingMothers DayHomeInfo
Saturday 6th April 2019
3.00pm 1st XVOld ColfeiansLONDON 2 South EastHomeInfo
3.00pm 2nd XVVigoPremier 2 EastAwayInfo
3.00pm 3rd XVFolkestoneFive Grain 4 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 7th April 2019
11.00am U16sTBAKent Cup FinalsAwayInfo
10.00am U14sTBCKent Cup FinalsAwayInfo
9.00am U13sTBAKent Waterfall Festival 3.AwayInfo
9.30am U12sTournamentAwayInfo
10.00am U11sAshKent Festival Spare DateHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTBCKent Festival Spare DateAwayInfo
Saturday 13th April 2019
3.00pm 2nd XVSevenoaksPremier 2 EastHomeInfo
Sunday 14th April 2019
11.00am U16sMaidstoneFriendly (B XV)HomeInfo
9.30am U12sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U11sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTrainingHomeInfo
Sunday 21st April 2019
12.00am U11sTBAEaster Sunday no trainingHomeInfo
10.00am U7sTBCEaster Sunday no trainingHomeInfo
Sunday 28th April 2019
10.00am U16sTBAKent 7sAwayInfo
10.00am U14sTBCKent 7sAwayInfo
9.00am U13sTBAKent 7's.AwayInfo
10.00am U12sTrainingHomeInfo
10.00am U11sAshfordAwayInfo
10.00am U7sAshfordAwayInfo
Sunday 5th May 2019
10.00am U11sTrainingEnd of SeasonHomeInfo
9.00am U7sTrainingEnd of SeasonHomeInfo

Club Merchandise

Image of Thanet Wanderers

All TWRUFC merchandise is now available to buy online with our new kit supplier, Akuma. We also hold a small amount of stock at the clubhouse.

London and SE 2 - 2018-19
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08/121st XVHaywards HeathHome15-15
08/122nd XVSnowdownAway15-26
01/121st XVDoverAway20-27
25/114th/Veterans XVCanterburyAway21-51
24/112nd XVEast PeckhamAway23-29
Next Fixtures more
15/121st XVMaidstoneAway2.00pm
15/122nd XVMaidstoneAway2.00pm
15/123rd XVAshfordAway2.00pm
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